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The installation of powdered metal bearings should be done very carefully because of their fragility, as the bearings can be damaged very easily. We recommend the use of an installation pin or shaft be utilized in order to distribute the installation forces evenly. The installation force is to be approximately (2 to 3 N/sq. mm engl.) over the surface area of the bearing face. It may be desirable or necessary to lock the bearing in place to prevent rotation or linear movement. Holding the bushing in place with a retainer, locked in place, or it can be installed into another powdered metal component. If gluing is preferred, the bearing cannot be oil saturated before hand, as the glue will not create an adhesive bond. It may be desireable to experiment to establish the best mounting method. Care should taken to ensure the internal clearance of the bearing is not affected, at installation. (Afterwards the sliding surface can be adjusted with the help of calibration or a fastening device. Additional instructions are provided in the paragraph „MACHINING BEARINGS“.