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LUMET** Maintenance-free sliding bearings for high loadability at low frictional speeds are fitted with grease lubrication reservoirs. Due to the choice of suitable materials, Lumet components can be subjected to temperatures of up to 600 ° C.
SINTERBRONZE* Maintenance-free oil-filled friction bearings.
Special dimensions and modifications to standard bearings can be produced to your specifications quickly and at reasonable prices.
GETRO T* / TB** Maintenance-free rolled dry-run bearings made of multiple layer composite materials with PTFE contact surfaces.
Type T* with a steel backing, Type TB** with a bronze backing.
GETRO F 090** / FT 090** low-maintenance friction bearings made of rolled CuSn8 strip material.
Type F090 with lozenge-shaped lubrication recesses.
Type FT090 with straight-through lubricant reservoirs.
GETRO H** Low-maintenance rolled friction bearings with a bronze backing and acetal resin/polyoxymethylene contact surfaces, lubrication recesses and initial lubrication hole.

Special-purpose dimensions on request.
* Many standard dimensions from stock.
** On request
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