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Material Selection
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Material Specification
Design Consideration
Certain design factors are taken into consideration when the bearing material selection is made – design/construction, mating material hardness, temperature, corrosion resistance required and surface condition. Generally speaking, the surface hardness of the mating material should be at least 100 HB higher then that of the LUMET bearing. For bearing materials with a higher hardness (such as, aluminum bronze alloy) the surface of the mating material should be hardened. In cases of high corrosion resistant mating material, the use of a high alloy bearing material is recommended. High corrosion resistance and high hardness can be achieved by the application of hard chrome plating or nickel plating. The plating layer should have a thickness of at least 50 mm and a hardness of 64 HRC. The surface of the supplementing material should be ground to a surface roughness of 0.8 to 1.0 RMS.

It is recommended that complete application information be provided.