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Produkte Introduction
Table of Dimensions
Sliding Application
Material Selection
Bearing Load
Friction Speed
Bearing Dimensions
Coefficient of Friction
Design Consideration
Material Specification
Component Material Selection
The LUMET wear plate, thrust plate and bushing materials are specifically selected for the application involved. The wear plates, thrust plates and bushings material are provided with solid lubrication, with this feature incorporate in different configurations, depending on the application involved. The arrangement of the solid lubricant takes into consideration the direction and type of movement, to ensure lubrication is provided over the full contact surfaces of the two components involved. Impurities penetrating the bearing surfaces are absorbed into the solid lubricant pockets, thus displacing lubricant pockets thus displacing lubricant particles which in turn provides lubrication. In principle however, the penetration of contamination into the bearing area should be prevented by applying appropriate seals and/or scrapers. Solid lubrication is utilized at lower speeds, as the frictional heat created cannot be dissipated adequately, for that reason the speed should be limited. In the case of intermittent movement, higher speeds are possible. The primary factors taken into consideration in establishing the component material are:

  • Bearing load stated as psi, calculated as total load (lbs.) divided by total surface area ( in sq. inches)
  • Speed generally stated in inches per minute or feet per minute
  • Temperature can operate as high as 1100 degrees F or 600 degrees C
  • Design required