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In the latest equipment designs, maintenance free concepts are being incorporated on an increasing frequency. Maintenance free components are becoming increasingly more important as environmental and safety concerns increase, and as the need to increase bearing life and equipment reliability continues, as well as, the need for cost reduction. LUMET cast bronze wear plates, thrust plates, plain bushings and flanged bushings are used in high load, low speed applications, utilizing the latest in solid lubrication. A common problem at slow speeds, conventional liquid lubricats are limited in their ability to provide a hydrodynamic lubrication film. This product is successfully utilized in applications found in offshore equipment, the textile industry, and in applications where there is limited or no access, and where a totally maintenance free concept is needed, in order to prevent contamination of the finished product. This product is also used in high temperature environments, such as, furnaces and ovens, where maintenance is difficult, to maximize reliability and to reduce downtime. The life of these wear components are maximized by selecting the appropiate bronze materials and by selecting the appropiate solid lubricant for the application.